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Policies & Procedures

Admission Policy

Priority enrollment at SFMB for the programs is the following:

  • SFMB is an equal opportunity school open to all students, regardless of race, religion, or disability
  • New community children


Children need to:

  • Have a record of immunizations on file before they begin the program.
  • Fill out Enrollment Application.
  • Fill out Child Information Record.
  • Copy of Lake Orion Community School BUS STOP CHANGE inquiry form. (ASMG)
  • Other forms pertaining to enrolled program.


SFMB Payment Policy

(registration fee due by July 15, 2022)

Registration Fee

$100.00 (non-refundable)

Hourly Rate

$7.00 per hour

Picking up child late

$1.00 per minute late,
(based on SFMB clock)

Early drop off

$1.00 per minute early,
(based on SFMB clock)

"Late" refers to any time after the child's scheduled time for parental pickup.

"Early" refers to any time before the child's scheduled time for drop off.