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Educational Programs

A Number of Educational Programs...

Our Preschool Program is based on a foundation of academics, character development, and personal health and wellness. It is our philosophy that character education, nutrition, and exercise are equally as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Children will grow, mature, and develop to their fullest capacity if given the opportunity to explore, create, and problem solve with materials which are appropriate to their developmental age. They will also develop emotionally and socially through adult and child interaction in both individual and group settings. SFMB offers a selection of enriching morning, afternoon and, when needed, all-day sessions that are appropriate for the child’s age and developmental level. Learning is experienced by a developed curriculum through literature, projects, songs, nutrition, exercise; while incorporating the fve senses through feeling, tasting, smelling, listening, and seeing.

incredible programsOur incredible programs encompass all preschool age groups, including:
  • Terrific Two's
  • Pre-School Program
  • Young 5's
  • Kindergarten Class

We also offer:

Summer Explorers - A camp for 2-12 year-olds which includes:hands-on activities, field trips, and new opportunities to explore the world.

After School Mind Games - A latchkey program for school age children, up to age 12. This program offers a safe place to finish homework and participate in organized sports such as football or soccer as well as indoor activities, including crafts, board and computer games.

Tutoring and Special Needs - Customized, specialized services provided for children who require specifc help or attention in certain areas.