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Philosophy of A School for the Mind & Body Preschool Program

The SFMB Preschool Program is based on a foundation of academics, character development, and personal health and wellness. It is our philosophy that character education, nutrition and exercise are equally as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. Children attending SFMB will grow, mature and develop to their fullest capacity if given the opportunity to explore, create and problem solve with materials which are appropriate to their developmental age. They will also develop emotionally and socially through adult and child interaction in both individual and group settings.

Children learn a great deal when they are in our program. They are not “taught” in a traditional fashion but rather each child is allowed to experience. Our educated staff takes great pride in being facilitators of learning. Does this mean we do not implement a strong curriculum? On the contrary, hours and hours have been dedicated to the preparation and the instruction of daily lesson plans which meet the needs of all children; nuts to weigh, cornmeal to pour and measure, nature walks, pressed leaves and box architecture to create. Each week brings a new concept based on our strong character education curriculum. All of these are explored through age appropriate literature, projects, songs, nutrition, exercise, and incorporating our five senses through feeling, tasting, smelling, listening and seeing.

Your children will grow and develop skills you never thought possible. They will develop their own “system” of thinking and learning that combines traditional life skills and moral values with new ideas on exercise and nutrition. Most of all, they will feel self-worth and accomplishment, which comes from developing skills through personal experiences.